Amsterdam scooter

Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

The Netherlands

When tradition, culture and architecure comes together: artistic masterpieces, many windmills, fields with tulips and candlelit cosy cafés coexist with groundbreaking architecture, design and a phenomenal nightlife where dutch beer comes to its right.

Beautiful architecture, vintage meets contemporary fashion and interiors, the many street markets Holland has to offer, selling rainbows of fresh flowers, haring met ui (raw herring with onions), fresh baked caramel-filled stroopwafels (caramel-syrup-filled waffles) and lots of different cheeses (over a 100 different cheeses), and borrel (‘drinks’) at canal-side cafés are all reasons I love and live in the Netherlands. But what I love about the country above all is its spirit of the people. Always a busy  mind, but if needed they would help you finding the way, offer you a drink or come to their place for a ”borrel”.
Enjoy their way of life, sometimes too organized and stressed out but extremely inventive. If something does not  exist yet, the Dutch will design it, build it or manufacture it.

The Netherlands is also famous of its football culture, when the dutch football team is playing, people litterly standing on the streets cheering to a big screen.

One of the many highlights The Netherlands has to offer:

The Rijksmuseum, the biggest museum of The Netherlands with famous paintings as Rembrandt van Rijn – The Night watch, Jan Steen, Pieter de Hooch and many others.

Enjoy your holiday more by renting a scooter and explore Amsterdam by driving among the canals, eat in a small café, wander through the markets, visit the Anne Frank house, the old zoo of Artis in the middel of Amsterdam, the astonishing concertbuilding and walkaround in the red light district.

And don’t forget to visit the beautiful church in Breda and feel the the atmosphere at the central market where a terraces full with people is waiting for you to drink a beer or wine and eat a bitterbal (stuffed beef with a crunchy bite)  on every corner. And yea it is really tasty :).

Definately worth Visiting is  ‘s-Hertogenbosch for its beautiful canals and ancient city walls. There is a canal tour which gives you a better look at the city.
And last but not least: Rotterdam. After Amsterdam this is the most ideal place for renting a scooter at (ofcourse:))! With its famous Erasmus bridge, the Euromast,  historical Delfshaven, and groundbreaking architecture. When feeling hungry you can  find your fvourite sandwich at the foodmarket where all the cultures come together.

Anything is possible in The Netherlands!

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Hanoi (Vietnam)

Goodmorning Vietnam!

Crowded streets, a tsunami of people rushing by, breathtaking landscapes, the remainings of the war and good food. That pretty sums up Vietnam in a nutshell.

In Vietnam Geography plays a huge role, with Chinese flavours have influenced the dishes of the north, spices sparking up the southern cuisine, and herbs and difficult cooking skills are typical for the central coastline. And up and down the country you can meet up with villagers, try local dishes and drink (get drunk easily) rice wine in Vietnam’s many regional overcrowded markets.

Vietnamese streetVietnam has many faces.

One of the most beautiful landscapes you will find in Halong bay, the impressive caves in Phong Nha-ke Bang National park, and the evergreen hills around Sapa or Bac Ha. Another face is the unbelievable overcrowded cities where you can work on your driving skills. Renting a scooter is a must in Vietnam, the roads are fine but the traffic doesnt allow cars drive properly. With the result that you are standing in the traffic jam the most of the time. Renting a bicycle is dangerous for the main reason that people are not used to people riding bike. So a scooter rental is the best and safest option for your holidays.


Once you have rented a scooter and you are hitting the road you can escape the city and see the amazing highlands.


vietnamese hat

The war

which changed the nation and the lust for life of the Vietnamese people is something you will never forget. Even it is already more then 30 years ago, people are still proud that they ”won” the war and even now it is a common subject to talk about.

Many people work many hours on the street for an average income of $200 a month, it is not for nothing that the vietnamese people see tourists as good and more easy way to earn money. Despite the sometimes uncomfortable direct sales, people are still friendly and always able to help.

vietnamese food market

The food of the vietnamese cuisine can be described as tasty and varied. Dont be affraid to buy from one of the many food cars on the street.

The hygiene is not the same as in the western world ,but since the velocity of the food is high, the chance is less that you will get sick from it.  And if your stomach is as strong as 99% of the travellers including me, you will get sick anyway 🙂 dont fight it, just grab a book and sit your time out. And hey, lets be positive, its a good way to lose weight. 😉




Brașov (Romania)

Beautiful Romania

With its Medievil churches, Monastries and pristine landscapes Romania is a destination off the beaten track.

Are you looking for culture, nature, friendly people and ancient cities? Then Romania is the right spot to travel to. The country is too big for travelling it in 3 weeks but here are the highlights.

In Maramureş you’ll discover towns and villages that seemingly stepped out of the Middle Ages, complete with hay racks, horse carts and stately wooden churches.

There is ”spooky” Bran Castle, with its spurious connection to Bram Stoker’s fictional character, but don’t stare yourself blind on the famous castles but try visiting beauties such as Hunedoara’s 14th-century Corvin Castle or King Carol I’s  19th-century pile, Peleş Castle. North of Curtea de Argeş, you’ll find the ruins of a fortress that really was the posession of old Vlad Ţepeş.

Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia)

Mongolia never sleeps!

The raw mongolia is an adventure destination with the hot sun at daytime and the cold at night in the deserts. It has vast steppes and it is a place where travellers see the tradition of the past still practised today by city Nomads.

When we first arrived on the train station in Ulan Batar we immediately saw the rawness of the city. It felt like it was a village once, but it quickly changed to a big city while people still sleep in their Ger (” a Big tent”) next to a huge five star hotel. The contrast of two sides the city has, is something you can’t ignore. Out of the city you will wander through the hills filled with rocks and red sand,  extreme nature and astonishing landscapes. The city has several big markets where you can literally by everything. From an engine of a russian car in the 60’s to a wheel of a yellow Ferarri. Friendly people, good food and the adventure is something worth the travel.

Once in the desert you will realise how remote you are when you take a look at the stars and listen to the sound of silence. Mongolia is a country of extremes and definately not an easy walk in the park. What we love the most? Driving horses or even a camel in the desert, rent a scooter in the city, and feel the pureness of life Mongolia still has to offer.