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Viva la Mexico

Viva la Mexico!

Our first visit in Mexico was one month of backpacking from the crowded Mexico city to the remote and paradisely Punta Allen.

We have wandered over most parts of Mexico with a rented scooter or car and came to love its coasts, jungles, volcanoes and cities – and its tasty food, spectacular ancient civilizations with people still wearing traditional clothes, art and handicrafts and, its warm hospitable people who would help you if they can.

Rent a scooter in Mexico city and go see the parcs, visit the markets go to the zoo and drive around to experience the city that never sleeps.

If you are travelling south, one of our favourite places is Puerto Escondido. The city is a magnet for surfers with high waves and beautiful beaches, a perfect place for swimming, looking for turtles, dolphins and whales, or even sportfishing.

The center of the town rises above the small Bahía Principal.
Across the hill, the Carretera Costera highway 200 runs above the bay. This road is dividing the lower, more touristic part – and the upper town – where buses arrive, and where most of the local people live and work –.

This city can be explored by a rental scooter for driving around the city and visiting the small town of El Malacuno near the river.

San Cristobal de las casas is a typical ancient colonial city surrounded by pine forest with old yellow buildings and rustique cafes. It is a place for the zapatista rebels and organizations working with indigenous people.
A vespa 50cc is ideal for this occasion. drive slowly to see the cities highlights and wander through the ancient streets to enjoy the atmosphere San Cristobal de las casa has to offer.

Countries highlights: Palenque, the copper canyon/Ferrocarril Chihuahua Pacífico (where you find the world’s most incredible rail journeys, it is northern Mexico’s biggest single attraction), Volcán Paricutín, Gran plaza, San Cristobal de la casa, Calakmul and many many more.