Scooter italy

Milan (Italy)


The country has 20 regions and all of them are 20 independent states, each with its own traditions, architecture, dialects, and wonderful food.

When i think of Italy i immediately start to think about delicious pizza’s, fresh made spaghetti’s and oven baked lasagna’s. And its true, these dishes are only the italians who can really make them as no other.
But beside the Italian Cuisin, Italy has so much more to offer. From exploring souk-like market streets in Sicily to eating a knödel in an Alto Adige chalet, the choice is diverse. Then there are the country’s artistic treasures, where the best of the world cant compare to the treasures they have collected in the ancient museums. Italy is also the perfect place for renting a scooter. or not just a scooter ofcourse,  but for renting the traditional vespa for exploring the city and cruise around to the famous markets and work on your bargain skills. It is so hilarious to bargain with an Italian, they can be so heatrical that you almost feel guilty when trying to lower the price. The whole body is cooperating together to confuse you and you start to wonder if the guy is saying such nice things in Italian, or is he scolding me. Maybe i never know. 🙂

Italy ís the inventor of the third generation  scooter with the brand Vespa. It is still an amazing experience to drive around on an old Vespa scooter to make your holiday complete. You should put on the funny little helmet. It looks cool, and funny, but most of all cool.

Milan, the fashion capital of the world and capital of the region Lombardy and is a city with strengths in the design, commerce, entertainment, arts, fashion, media, tourism.
The city is well known for many international fairs and events including Milan Fashion Week and the Milan Furniture Fair.
Renting a scooter is the ideal way to explore Milan fast and safe, you don’t have to wait in the traffic, you can still cover a lot of miles and you can park much easier then with a car. Most of the times scooter parking is even free. And we like free, don’t we?

And dont forget the Italian Music, the many Operas, Vivaldi, laura Pausini and Eros Ramazotti. Visit a musical, or buy a ticket for the theater. Can’t wait to visit Milan again.

If you have enough time you can do some cityhopping from Milan to Parma, Modena, Bologna,Florence, Terni and Rome. In every city we can deliver the rental scooter in front of your accomodation. Leave your bags there and explore the city!