Hanoi (Vietnam)

Goodmorning Vietnam!

Crowded streets, a tsunami of people rushing by, breathtaking landscapes, the remainings of the war and good food. That pretty sums up Vietnam in a nutshell.

In Vietnam Geography plays a huge role, with Chinese flavours have influenced the dishes of the north, spices sparking up the southern cuisine, and herbs and difficult cooking skills are typical for the central coastline. And up and down the country you can meet up with villagers, try local dishes and drink (get drunk easily) rice wine in Vietnam’s many regional overcrowded markets.

Vietnamese streetVietnam has many faces.

One of the most beautiful landscapes you will find in Halong bay, the impressive caves in Phong Nha-ke Bang National park, and the evergreen hills around Sapa or Bac Ha. Another face is the unbelievable overcrowded cities where you can work on your driving skills. Renting a scooter is a must in Vietnam, the roads are fine but the traffic doesnt allow cars drive properly. With the result that you are standing in the traffic jam the most of the time. Renting a bicycle is dangerous for the main reason that people are not used to people riding bike. So a scooter rental is the best and safest option for your holidays.


Once you have rented a scooter and you are hitting the road you can escape the city and see the amazing highlands.


vietnamese hat

The war

which changed the nation and the lust for life of the Vietnamese people is something you will never forget. Even it is already more then 30 years ago, people are still proud that they ”won” the war and even now it is a common subject to talk about.

Many people work many hours on the street for an average income of $200 a month, it is not for nothing that the vietnamese people see tourists as good and more easy way to earn money. Despite the sometimes uncomfortable direct sales, people are still friendly and always able to help.

vietnamese food market

The food of the vietnamese cuisine can be described as tasty and varied. Dont be affraid to buy from one of the many food cars on the street.

The hygiene is not the same as in the western world ,but since the velocity of the food is high, the chance is less that you will get sick from it.  And if your stomach is as strong as 99% of the travellers including me, you will get sick anyway 🙂 dont fight it, just grab a book and sit your time out. And hey, lets be positive, its a good way to lose weight. 😉