Costa Rica (off road trips)

Costa Rica

There is no trail that doesn’t lead to a waterfall, mysterious crater lakes or deserted beaches.
Discover Costa rica by renting a scooter, ride a horse, a jeep,  or even a kayak. This is not an ordinary country, it is a ”choose your own adventure” country with lots to do.

Pura Vida as it is their motto of life. Once visited Costa Rica you will understand why it is that the ”Ticos” talk about living the pure Life.The nature and its wildlife is something the ticos are proud of. And after visiting Costa Rica i surely understand why and it is that they called pure life. Once we rented a scooter in San José we travelled around in the city. San José itself is not a spectacular city but once you give the city a chance to suprise you,  you won’t get disapointed. Take your time to see the neighbourhood of Barrio Amón with many art galleries and boutique hotels, cosy restaurants and lovely bars. Try farmers market on saturday to explore the best food Costa Rica has to offer or drive with your rental scooter to visit the  Parque La Sabana on sunday and be surprised how beautifull the ”lungs” of San José can be.
Really everything is possible in this country which has beaches, tropical rainforests, off the beaten tracks and many adventures in a jiffy. Renting a scooter or a quad in this country is not only safe but also very convenient for travelling.
Go See the unique animals as the Toucan, blue morpho butterflies, flit amid orchid-festooned trees, while a rainbow of coloured tropical fish swim by, sharks, rays, dolphins and whales thrive offshore – in this pristine paradise.

And when its rainseason, it can rain the whole day without stopping for one minute. And yes we experienced it :).